Protecting your important data, files, and folders against unauthorized access and visibility is quick and easy with ML highly secure lockers. Just choose the files & folders you want to keep other users out of. Every locker you create is securely protected through advanced encryption algorithms and multilevel anti-hacking security, making your lockers virtually impossible to access without your permission.


There are times when you need to ensure certain files are kept secret. be it a critical financial document or pics, ML Disguise feature allows you to save certain information "anonymously." In other words, you can hide a file under the disguise of a photo itself. For example, you can take a sensitive banking document and hide it inside your pic. and if someone clicked the photo, they'll see nothing but your pic itself. and will never know what's inside!


When you use a security program like ML to hide information in your computer, it's important to also be able to hide the program itself. That's where Stealth Mode comes in handy! When you set ML Locker to Stealth Mode, you can hide all instance ML is running in your computer. with the program completely invisible on your Start menu and desktop, and only an specific key combination will make the program reappear..which only you know.